Licca's little shops!

Sep 03 2018 Doll Licca Ricca

I go to Tokyo frequently at work. Last week I went to Tokyo. And I had time to promise, so I visited 'Licca' s little shop. ' The shop is very small, but there were lots of pretty Lyca. I was very excited! "The shooting of items is forbidden, but Rika who is decorating is OK" said to the clerk, so I took a lot of pictures! I will show you some of that!

Licca Castle event's!

Jan 05 2018 Doll Licca Ricca

I went to the event's Licca Castle! It was disappointing because photography of the venue was forbidden. Lots of pretty Licca were displayed. I was excited that many items that I can only purchase at Licca Castle are sold. It may go again during the event. It is such a fun place.

Rika-chan & Kadoya doll !

Dec 11 2017 Doll Licca Ricca

I did not know that Rika-chan and "Kadoya" are collaborating. "Kadoya" is a famous sesame oil company in Japan. I also have sesame oil of this company at home. Rika-chan and Kadoya are 50th anniversary this year. That's why this collaboration is realized. When you buy sesame oil this lottery will win this Rika! I wonder how many sesame oils to buy.