AZONE 1/3 Doll The Seven Deadly Sins Leviathan hybrid active figure

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From the popular series depicting the success of the beautiful Devils who embodied the "seven major sin" that leads human beings to guilty, developed by Hobby Japan, the demon Lord Leviathan, who is responsible for jealousy, comes down! It is jealous and childish like her The head of expression is a newly created and raised prototype.It is reproduced with a sticker of the bandokin of the dandruff, which is hidden in a perfectly stimulating costume!

■ Size: 1/3 (total height approx. 50 cm)
■ Head: Newly constructed Soft Vinyl Head * Prototype Production: ZAN (Cat's Opinion), Wig
■ Principal Body: Obitsu 50 cm / AZO 2 Body (G Bust) * Prototype Production: Length (Hyperspace)
■ Costume: complete set of costumes, boots
※ Part prototype production: ZAN (cat's small size)