AZONE FRNippon Misaki / 10th Anniversary SE Tokyo Here We Go!3

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The FR Nippon collection series, which began in 2004, celebrated its 10th anniversary.

We will release the special version of "Tokyo Here We Go Misaki" which debuted for the first time at "Dolly-Style Convention" held in December 2005 as the 10th anniversary version.

The Gothic Lolita style Fashion Wave Hair is the 10th anniversary version of Misaki expressing the present romantically with the light color of Milky Blue, as it is the styling of 1st version.

■ Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
■ Eye Color: Beryl Blue
■ Lip: Apricot
■ Prime Body: 29cm, Real Eye Rush
[Set Contents] Corset, Skirt, Pannier, Arm Cover, Necklace, Netting Tights, Shoes, Doll Stand