AZONE Pure Neemo Sahara / Rose Quartz i??Twinkle aa?≫laa?≫modei??

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///AZONE Pure Neemo Sahara / Rose Quartz i??Twinkle aa?≫laa?≫modei??///
The theme of the Saarazu a la mode New series is "Twinkle a A・ la A・ mode" (twinkle a la mode) with motif of stone and starA shining moon and a twinkling star.
Having received the glitter of the night sky,The jewels wake up.
The third one is SaaraThe motif stone is "rose quartz".
It was full of soft kindness"Healing stone".
Sweet pink and fluffy white,Each costume of different coloringMysteriously color transparent white skin.
a?≫ This is normal sale ver.

a??Set contentsa?‘
Head ribbon A・ blouse A・ cufflink A・ corset skirt A・ skirt A・Panniers, Shorts, Socks, Shoes, Hand Parts (Natural Hand)
a??Product Detailsa?‘
Hair color: Rose Brown (Rose Brown)
Eye Color: Rose Quartz (Rose Quartz)
Mask design: I feel it?Head prototype production: Chizuru (crane's hall)
Prime body: Pure Neemo Flexion Full Movable M Body (White Skin)
Planning cooperation A・ Prototype production (yes) Sawada Kobo
(C) 2016 I am thinking / AZONE INTERNATIONAL