AZONE Pure Neemo Xa?†cute Huuka / Mioa??s friends

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///AZONE Pure Neemo ?Xa?†cute Huuka / Mioa??s friends///
He is my third grader high school student, Fuka. Thank you.
Fluffy dreamy girl "Fukuu" first appeared!
"Fuka" is "Escutcher a?† Cute Family" "Mio" Classmate a?†Because the relaxed wavelengths match each other, they are always together whenever they notice.
"Fuka" which I love to make sweets makes a cake together at the "Mio" house on holiday,I am taking a picture of the sweets taken by my camera as a hobby "Mio" on my cell phone.

a??Set contentsa?‘
Doll main body A・ jacket A・ blouse A・ ribbon tie A・ check ribbon tie A・Skirt A・ Bra & Shorts A・ High Socks A・ Shoes
a??Product Detailsa?‘
Eye Color: Aqua Green
Hair color: olive brown
Mask design: I feel itBody: Pure Neemo Flexion Full Movable M / LL Body (Skin Color)
* Planning Cooperation A・ Prototype Production: (Yes) Sawada Studio(C) 2016 I am thinking / AZONE INTERNATIONAL