AZONE Pure Neemo Xa?†cute Lovely leaf

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///AZONE Pure Neemo ?Xa?†cute Lovely leaf///
High school 1 year A pair, Wakaba. Thanks a?aBright and constantly positive "Mi" classmate first appeared!
"Wakaba" is a friend of "Escutcher a?† Cute Family" "Mia", the cousin of "Ecswash a?† Cute" "Hime".
Classmate is a natural "Mia" is not enough to put Tsukkomi in mind.
"Hime" seems to be often mistaken for real sisters with good friends from long ago ...

a??Set contentsa?‘
Doll body, jacket (dark blue), blouse (white), ribbon tie (red), check ribbon tie (red A? green A? white)Skirt (red A? green A? white), shorts (white), high socks (navy), shoes (dumpling)
a??Product Detailsa?‘
Hair color: Honey Brown
Eye color: Natural Brown
Mask design: I feel itPrime body: Pure Neemo Flexion Full Movable M Body (Skin Color)