Blythe Midi ooak custom doll Pixie Peaceful from Japan One of a kind

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One of a kind !
*** Base Doll ***
Using a new Midi Blythe "Pixie Peaceful"
*** Makeup ***
I dropped all the default makeup and made it with an air brush.
I sharpened the eye hole, chin, under the nose with a router, and polished sharply carefully.
I drawn eyebrows, lower eyelashes, double eyelids.
The mouth was an open mouse and attached a small little tooth from the back of the finish.
In order to produce a sense of plumpness, it was cut, slightly colored, finally glossy finished in glossy finish.
Eyelash pulled out the original lashes and doubled the long eyelashes.
I finish up coating many layers with UV mat spray.
(I worked at home of dry LA to paint it beautifully.)
*** Hair ***
I cut the default hair and covered a doll wig made of high heat resistance (heatable up to 200 ° C) made from smooth fiber.
It is removable and can be replaced with your favorite wig.
*** eye ***
Eye color is light green.
We processed the default green and mirror the entire eyeball. I use Swarovski for rhinestone.
You can move the gaze by turning the dial in the back of the head.
*** Pierced Hall ***
I opened a piercing hole.
*** Outfit / Accessories ***
· Pink dress
· Organza's blouse
· Purple skirt
· Cat's headgear
· Drawer
· Socks
We also sell it at Japanese stores.
Once they are sold out they are gone for good.