Blythe ooak custom doll Prima Dolly Angkor Ashland let One of a kind

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One of a kind !
I imaged a gentle schedule of early spring and customized it.
●. Base doll .. ●
New items of Prima Dolly Encore Ashlet We have customized it.
●. .make.. ●
Drop all default makeup and use shadow · pastel for human, I carefully made a gradation.
The lip glossed and glossy.
Blow spray several times during makeup, UV cut spray to last finish I am blowing.
(When saving, please avoid places where sun hits.)
●. Hair .. ●
We fix the straight Saran wig.
●. Eye .. ●
· Front ... Blue Doll eye style handmade eye
· Side ... Default eye with pink gradation
· Front view ... Toy-like wind

· Side ... Default eye with gradient of orange
** We have attached eyelashes for human beings. **
●. Outfit .. ●
It is pretty clothes of stripes.
We are connected to the drawers.
· One Piece
· Socks
· Ribbon
It is three points above.
Eye change can be done without problems
We also sell it at Japanese stores.
Once they are sold out they are gone for good.