Blythe ooak custom doll Rabbit pattern from Japan One of a kind

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One of a kind !
A pretty girls' blythe of dark brown short hair.
Four kinds of pupils. Especially the 2nd photo eyes on the bottom right are sprinkled with sequins and are very beautiful!
Makeup eye shadow → purple series
Lipstick → Gross in pink
Eyelashes → We are renewing
Cheek - Pink
We are piercing holes!
Piercing is a rabbit.
We also follow here.
An unusual atmosphere for Blythe, exotic ♪
Sleeping eyes, two cords are attached so that eye-catching can be done.
The rabbit is attached to the end of the string!
Clothes are handmade one point things.
A gold button points to the race, it is a rabbit pattern clothing ♪ The state is good as it was too cute of purchase and it was not touched inside, and it was put in showcase all the time.
Blythe body, clothes, socks, pierced 4-piece set.
We also sell it at Japanese stores.
Once they are sold out they are gone for good.