Blythe ooak custom doll Radiance from Japan One of a kind

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One of a kind !
Total CODE becomes
Clothes will be Junie Moon Simply Ali Sud
※ Simply Ali Sud will let you wear the new item only once after purchase and it will be what you kept in the dark
Natural, it will be Radiance
(Nicky Rad)
The movable body does not possess ordinary skin of Pure Neemo, so it can not be changed
· Skin drops all original makeup and makes make-up with pastel (matte skin)
· Clear is put on the mouth
· All are changing to those of writers
· I removed the default eyelashes and converted it for human use (overlay two, brown mix)
· All hair is pulled out and it is shaved head
(If you are preparing a new wig, please have 10 inches.)
· Mouth, nose, chin, eyehole are being scraped
· Pachi eyes, eye-eyed eyes, sleeping eyes are processed As we are trying to make it look good on the top, please move one who is not good with your fingers
· The lower part of the eye gimmick is cut off

We also sell it at Japanese stores.
Once they are sold out they are gone for good.