Neo Blythe ooak custom doll Gothic 2006 CWC from Japan One of a kind

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One of a kind !
Antoinette style specification
※ There is a stamp of 2006 CWC behind the head (I do not understand details such as limitation)
✤ Head ✤
The color is slightly different in front and behind the face, the head is pasted with white vinyl tape, the wig is fixed with double sided tape. (Please see the 4th photo photo)
✤ Face ✤
This child is matte finish.
Pink orange with teak and forehead diluted.
Lips are deep beige and clear, glossy style.
Eye holes are matte black.
There is a navy gradation around the eyes, without eyebrows.
I think that there is other processing, but please do not know the details and please check the photos.
✤ ✤ ✤
Please check the photo 3rd.
About eye change, you can snappy eyes, eyebrows and eyes.
Eyelashes seem to overlap.
✤ Body ✤
I do not know whether I am changing.
Inside of both arms, there is a black color shift of this dress.
✤ Hair ✤
It is a gold colored long hair wig longer than the floor.

· Doll body
· Wig
· Dresses
· Long jacket
· Shorts (White)
· Knee High Socks in Lace
· Pierce
· Stand
※ There are no shoes.

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