PetWORKs Sekiguchi CCS-momoko ae Momo Girl s from Japan

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A collaboration model "PW-momoko ae momo girl" appeared in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of PostPet and the 10th anniversary of momoko!
Both are works by art director Manabe Nami.
A familiar software "PostPet" with pink teddy bear "Momo".
A momo girl who attends that peach is a campaign girl that helps peach at a post pet event.
Features pink costumes tailored to peaches.

"PW-momoko ae Momogirls"
Description: PW-momoko body, peach ear clip, fake fur tops, fake fur miniskirt, peach felt mascot, gloves, short leggings, fake fur leg warmers, trekking sneakers.
Detailed specifications: Honey Face, Horizontal Eye of Sepia (2 Upper Maze), Brown Eye Shadow, Light Plum Pink Smile Lip.
Soft black 's bangs with bangs. Clear pink nail on natural skin.

It is limited item of PetWORKs Store.