Sekiguchi momoko Doll KID BLUE Platinum ver. from Japan F/S

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Unused (there is no tape clamp from the original from the original) / Accessories / Package bruises 

In commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the birth of wine-sized fashion doll "momoko DOLL" for pure women, momoko DOLL which imaged "KID BLUE" model "Kid Blue Girl" appears. 
Red and blue spring flower pattern "Line Reef Bouquet" uses the same fabric for real size and momoko size, you can enjoy it all together. 
Specifications Details: 
[Costume] gown, camisole, short Carson, leg warmer, ballet shoes. 
[Doll] Fair skin, platinum blonde 's Falling Bob, Horizon, Upper Maze 2, Eye Shadow Light Beige, Eye Shadow Light Beige, Pupil Light Moss Green, Smiley Lip Nudy Orange Pink.