VOLKS Dress Only Wind spirit MDD,MSD,SDM,SDC from Japan

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"MDD.MSD style spirit use"
It becomes the clothes set of the designer's collection series limited exclusively at Mr. Boeks (* ^^ *)
Pretty clothes that imaged the fairy of the wind ♡
skirts that fluttered with fluttering and ornamental trembling creates a more fantasy world of dolls (* '﹀ * *)
Corset skirt and skirt are removable.
It was popular at the time of sale, so it was a hard-to-obtain item so how is this opportunity?
【Set contents】
· Head accessories
· Blouse
· Corset skirt
· Skirt
The corresponding sizes are MDD (S.M.L chest), MSD, SDM, SDC.
2.3 It becomes an image when the 4th piece of photo is dressed ♡ (Please note that the doll body, wig, other accessories do not attach)
Although it will be only dressed once, folding jiwa and yore from the beginning can be seen.
Head Accessories will be unopened.