VOLKS SD Super Dollfie Limited Yo-Midi Captain Cecile

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SD owner Thanksgiving in in the ship Masquerade Tokyo is bought at Tokyo 2013.
Young Midi Boys "Captain Cecil ~ End of Harukanaru Dreams"
Prototype production ・ Modeling village
Doll supervision ・ K.mayura
Hitomi ・ HG Glass eye: Ash with White line: 16 mm (Voks / original color)
Make ・ Modeling village Airbrush Makeup ・ Head make-up UV coated finished
Wig ・ Original Wig, 60, SDM Size
Body / Young SD Boy Body - Pure Skin - Normal Skin - UV Protection Specifications Young SD - L - 01
Normal Leg
Young SD - A - 01
Right Brachial Wound Mold < Br> Painting & Coated
Young Midi Head KIPS Parts (Young SD Body Neck Exclusive Attachment Parts
Using Newly Developed Soft Pure Skin for Materials, Leave PS Normal Color, Also Exercise KIPS Effect I do)
Young Midi-H-01 (Young Midi size wrist)
Set contents ・ Optional parts (doll body, wig, captain hat, eyepatch, coat, shirt, sash belt, pants, boots, young Midi size sword wrist (right) Optional parts Optional parts of the appeared! Of course, it can be attached to all the young SD bodies), Young Midi size captain sword
We kept it in the dark place after purchase.